Friday, 8 April 2016

John Kerry breaks record for secretary of state travel

John Kerry is now the most traveled secretary of state, breaking the record upon arrival in the Gulf nation of Bahrain Wednesday. The trip pushed Kerry past 1.06 million miles, edging out Condoleezza Rice by roughly 1,000 miles. America's top diplomat under George W. Bush, Rice held the previous record at 1.059 million miles. Kerry has spent more than 2,300 hours -- roughly 96 days -- in the air since beginning his tenure in February 2013. In all, he has been in a plane at least part of 467 separate days. The former Massachusetts senator and one-time Democratic presidential nominee eclipsed Hillary Clinton's mileage tally in December. But Kerry's predecessor still holds the record for most countries visited on the job, at 112. Kerry has only traveled to 80 countries -- the result of shuttling regularly to such destinations as Paris, London, Rome and Jerusalem.