Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Melancholia and Grin

She loved him. He knew. He loved every part of her. She never believed. But there was trust in one heart. The trust that it would never be left, never be broken. A guy comes from somewhere. Came to become her best friend. Talked to her in the most lovable manner, as cheesy as he could. Took her places, managed everything he could do to make her happy.

A day comes, when she starts to feel love and a deep enduring emotional bond with a new soul. The thoughts of speaking to the lover was procrastinated by the fear of syllables. The guy takes her on dates, threats like none other. Even if he doesn't want. She says, 'he was just a phase'. All that happened was a part of life. He cries every night for she could have admitted his love.

 Though just wants to see her smiling whether in the arms of other. Wants to see her smile, but don't want to see her face. Wants to be normal as he was before, but is pulled back but every moment. People don't hurt, memories do. Every time he thinks of her, he feels the burn inside chest not because of anger but because the area he lacked to make her happy.

 Even music can't pull him through. What else a pain would be greater than this? Why was this happening? Where had that trust gone? Was it even there? Was she ever committed? Or it was for the sake of putting in some syllables? Or it was just a dare? Now that I am completely changed of what has happened, who will bring me back? You? Or your lover whom I called my best friend? I don't think so, because your feelings for me have dissipated over time. Just tell me a thing, were they even there? If they were, how did they just flew away? But I won't say anything to you. I won't get frustrated.

Dear love just stay smiling. What about me? Oops I thought you said that you give a damn about it. Even that day when accidentally I saw your face, I felt that burning chest, that hard heartbeat, that adrenaline rush of my heart. But I just can't come in front of you. I can't and I won't. And then I can't even speak this all to anyone. What's the use? People would just give me some sympathy right? Did the world, even you, ever noticed what my heart beated for? I watched your back was at your worst times. Where were you then? When I was at my worst? I don't want you to realise your mistakes I just want to convince you about the cut throat hardwork I've done to bring a grin on your face. Even now, did you even bother?

 Then comes your lover who talked to me everyday asking me to get back to old me to escape the coloured eyes. Hell yeah, what else is left in the world. After all this, there is one thing that I have realised. Life is way to long. And there's something big, really big waiting for us in the future. And may be it as all infatuation! Not me at least, because it was the first time I developed such feelings for any other being. And if it was true, it will come back. Even if it doesn't, there are no regrets. And if there are any, there is always to get over them.

It ain't getting worse. Even if it does, the best thing we can do to the world is to forgive. And yeah life would bring even bigger problems ahead. All we got to do is live the moment. Make every moment count. Let's just give it to them. No one can break me, I grew up listening to Eminem. Everything is going to pay off. Roses are red violets are lame all i want is love and fame.